Joseph’s Personal Brand and Style Discovery Expertise Leads You to Transform

Powering up your personal brand and style cannot – and does not – happen overnight.

That’s why you are provided the time and space to discover and design your personal brand. This is an annual program that consists of building a minimum of two wardrobe capsules.

Rather than immediately buying a bunch of clothes with no rhyme or reason, it’s important to first determine your needs.  To achieve your personal brand and style goals, you need to have a strategy.  As your personal and professional circumstances change, you can re-evaluate.

Questions we would discuss before any work commences are:  How would you assess your physical presence today?  Are you clear about how you define your personal brand?  What current challenges do you face when it comes to your appearance and standing in your full power?  What do you need most right now to raise your personal brand profile to the next level?

Let’s have an initial conversation to talk about your challenges.  Together, we will determine if what I do can help you get where you want to go.

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Personal Brand Discovery and Design Program Details:

  • Curation of your existing wardrobe, at your home
    At the beginning of your year of working with Joseph, and after your Color and Style Profiles have been completed [if you are a first year client], Joseph will work with you to thoroughly review and organize all items in your current wardrobe.  This leads you to determine if what you own aligns with your current personal brand and style goals.  Then, you’ll see how to make them work most effectively for you.  We will eliminate clothing and accessories from the closet that no longer serve you.  What remains is reorganized so that we can build a stronger wardrobe that supports your brand.

Read more about how Joseph’s personal color expertise helps to keep you on the success path.

Find out how Joseph’s personal style profile reveals the real you.

  • Update your wardrobe
    Joseph does all your shopping for you.  So, you don’t have to put time or energy into doing what you don’t enjoy doing.  He will find ideal items to build your wardrobe.  These items build your personal brand and style, and help you to achieve your goals.  Once Joseph has accumulated an appropriate selection, you will review everything either at his studio or in your home.  The occasion of visiting a store while working with Joseph will be rare.  But, Joseph may invite you on a focused “field trip” when the focus of your work calls for it.
  • Hair and cosmetics/grooming update consultation
    No personal brand and style development program would be complete without a review of your hairstyle and personal grooming regimen.  Joseph will accompany you to his trusted hairstylist and colorist for a hairstyling session.  In addition, he will also meet with you and his trusted makeup artist to revitalize your cosmetics or grooming regimen.  Personal grooming is crucial to a successful personal brand, and is why we review it annually.
  • Attend all of your alterations appointments
    Joseph will accompany you to all of your alterations appointments at his preferred alterations professional.  He won’t just be there to oversee all of the pinning and chalking.  He will be there when you go to try on all the garments on your pick-up day.  Joseph collaborates with the tailor and voices his opinions about your alterations needs.  In the end, you’ll be very glad he’s there, right by your side.
  • Eyewear selections, if necessary
    If it is necessary, eyewear is another important component of your overall appearance. Joseph will ensure your newest selection of everyday eyewear becomes part of your signature style. It is best to choose eyewear in person.  So, he accompanies you on an eyewear shopping session to a top optical boutique with great service and selection.
  • Provide photos from each clothing capsule
    It’s not enough to have a closet full of well chosen clothes.  So, at the conclusion of each shopping season, Joseph photographs outfits comprised of your most recent clothing capsule.   Most clients prefer to have photos uploaded to a dedicated smartphone album shared by Joseph.  The photos show exactly how to wear your new clothes, mixing, coordinating, and maximizing your investment.  Then, you can rely on the photos to fully express your personal brand and enhance your style.
  • Additional coaching, wardrobing, and ongoing support
    Throughout the key times of the year when you are working with Joseph, you have very regular access to Joseph. Finally, things may come up throughout the year where you need to tap into Joseph’s strategy expertise.  Click here for details about ongoing strategizing with Joseph.