For over three decades, I’ve assisted people including the aspiring CEO, C-Suite executive, pro-sports figure, media personality, politician, actor, and the high school student. I have developed a world-class methodology to elevate a client’s executive & personal style. See how personal style transforms. Far beyond following fashion trends, this is about accessing the power of style psychology to realize to realize personal goals. This holistic approach honors a person’s unique personality and skill strengths to create an individually tailored customized style.

Dressing to maintain a strategic position for any industry requires striving for the very best version of yourself. It only helps if you look the part.

How does your personality define your personal style? Did you know a secret language of clothing and style exists and how to crack it? Knowing how goes a long way in helping you to always dress appropriately for all occasions of your life.

Personal style transforms how you tell your story without saying a word. You have the ability to frame or re-frame the way people perceive you in any situation. The Rosenfeld stylists strategies & image consulting finds your unique personal style so that you express it in life-changing ways.

These style transforms’ Free white papers are created from my 30-continuous years of personal stylist strategies and image consulting experiences. They will help decode the mysteries of creating a personal style, directing your personal journey into attaining greater professional and personal fulfillment.


I wrote and offer these free white papers (see above) to inspire and raise your awareness of refining your personal style. See how personal style transforms so that it impacts your professional and personal goals. These white papers provide insight into creating a strong style presence.


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“Creating Unique Style Improves the Bottom Line” is a set of seminar programs for organizations, management, and/or staff. The programs provide audiences with tools and a methodology to engage in discovering one’s style based on individually defined goals.


Learn about my comprehensive range of unique one-to-one image development experiences created for individuals. These stylist strategies and image consulting programs are designed to show how personal style transform your personal style to life.

I approach my clients with a genuine commitment to discover what will best shape their personal evolution.