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Personal Stylist Strategies & Image Consulting Programs

Your personal style tells your story without saying a word–you have the ability to frame or re-frame the way people perceive you in any situation. The Rosenfeld fashion image consulting programs create unique stylist strategies to express yourself in life-changing ways. The Rosenfeld Fashion & Personal Style Strategist firm offers a comprehensive range of image development programs, designed to bring your personal style to life. Whether you need guidance in the world of haberdashery, savvy accessories, grooming or complete wardrobe style makeover.

 Choose an Image Consulting Program That Meet Your Needs

There are several Rosenfeld image consulting programs to choose from that will unlock the mystery of successful dressing. The programs help curate your clothing selections with context and enhance your wardrobe.

  • The foundation for all stylist strategies and image consulting programs is True Colors.” A customized style analysis and color DNA profile to identify your personal style and colors that best represent your core essence. Learn to use color to your best advantage and make the appropriate impression based on the moment.

  • The Transform program was developed for the aspirational or time-strapped executive in need of image consulting. Whether for a business or personal occasion or life-altering event. It is an intensive personal makeover condensed into a few days. Above all, it will save you time and money before investing further in your wardrobe.

  • Further, for those who want to take a deeper dive The Immersion image consulting program benefits may meet your needs. Divided into three phases it includes consulting on all aspects of personal stylist strategies. In addition, Immersion clients are recognized as exclusive members of the Rosenfeld firm.

  • And for existing clients The On-Going stylist strategies are available on ad-hoc bases. Great for life-altering events when you need to be your best self. Further, find out more about our exclusive tailored travel fashion image consulting experiences abroad.

Together we will create a personal style that demonstrates your natural strengths and abilities to the world. Unique executive and personal style image consulting programs are offered in the New York City and Silicon Valley metropolitan areas.

‘Style is More Than the Clothes You Wear’

Each of us is the most valuable real estate we could ever possess.