Pete Cashmore wearing a white shirt in a special campaign created by fashion designer John Varvatos.

Pete Cashmore might be the most surprising Silicon Valley public figure to get a profile in style.  Cashmore doesn’t actually reside in Silicon Valley. He does spend some time in San Francisco where his digital media company,, is based.  But when he’s not in San Francisco, he’s most likely either in New York, or back in his native Scotland.  Still, Pete Cashmore is a highly recognizable and well-known Internet entrepreneur, and we can all learn something about personal aesthetics by taking a closer look at him.

Each of us has a unique story to tell about who we are, and Pete Cashmore’s story will shed an interesting light on his personal style choices.

In case you don’t know, Mashable is an award-winning site and one of the most popular destinations for digital, social media, and technology news and information.  More than 20 million people now visit the site each month.  Under Cashmore’s relentless direction, Mashable has become one of the most influential and profitable blogs in the world.

Mashable's Pete Cashmore, as seen wearing a version of his typical signature outfit at the opening night of the well-attended South By Southwest [SXSW] festival in Austin, TX [2010].

Mashable’s Pete Cashmore, as seen wearing a version of his typical signature outfit at the opening night of the well-attended South By Southwest [SXSW] festival in Austin, TX [2010].

The seed for this empire began back in Scotland in Pete Cashmore’s bedroom, when he was just 19 years old.  Based on comments he has made in the media, one could surmise that he was rebellious and a visionary, both at the same time.  “Not good at obeying authority figures,” he found that establishing Mashable was appealing, “partly because it was something I could do in bed and feel like I was achieving something.”

That might explain why he has said that his favorite piece of clothing are his pajamas, which he only wears when working from home.  This is a man who knows how he likes to be comfortable.

But Cashmore does not subsist in his bedroom.  In fact, ever since his image was plastered all over Mashable, he became an immediate public figure.  And he developed a bit of a reputation for being ‘the Planet’s sexiest geek.’ Good looks never hurt anyone.

Of Cashmore, it is said that he is shy.  He’d rather be building something versus addressing a crowd.

Pete Cashmore might have introverted tendencies.  But he knows how to make them work in his favor.  He really values collaboration among colleagues and no longer relies on “reading a lot or sitting in a quiet room until the idea hit you.”

All of this explains why Pete Cashmore has a personal style that works – for him.

He describes his signature style as being “predictable” as he wears a variation on the same kind of outfit daily: a white shirt, jeans, and a blazer.

Pete Cashmore photographed for an expose in GQ [UK edition].

Pete Cashmore photographed for an expose in GQ [UK edition].

The pajama-loving Cashmore is all about comfort.  Having a guaranteed, predictable outfit is going to make him feel almost as comfortable and as trusty as his sleeping garb.  Jeans could be seen as the lowest common denominator article of clothing that crosses all socio-economic levels and genders.  But jeans are also very approachable.  When Cashmore says that Mashable’s success is about human relationships, this is about being relatable.  Visually, jeans are a powerful tool.  Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, proved that.

Mashable is likely so popular because it explains things in such a way that non-technical people can learn how the world is developing and using communication technologies.  The same is true of how he dresses.  Take his signature blazer, for example.  It’s a great visual counterpoint to the jeans.  He still looks approachable, but with a touch of authority.  After all, he does run a business.  But it’s a style that honors his roots as much as it reflects a quality of his success.

There’s something you have to admire about a guy in a white shirt.  Pete Cashmore is a guy who looks forthright and humble, a servant.  How can it possibly be that a man who is among the richest people on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list come across that way?  It all comes down to this:  Pete Cashmore’s typical outfit is a reflection of his tireless desire to serve his readers and followers by supplying them with easy-to-understand information with the air of trustworthy authority.  I doubt it very much that he’s given it that much thought.  It’s merely flowing through him, and he’s dressing in a way that is natural.  It is no wonder people find him to be attractive.  He’s wearing that “it” factor on his sleeve.