When I found Joseph, I was looking for a personal stylist for a rebranding photoshoot I had coming up. I felt like I needed to clarify my branding, but I wasn’t sure how to do that. I searched for stylists online, considering the style and imagery on their websites to determine whether or not they were right for my needs. But no one seemed to fit my unique niche or sense of style. 

After viewing Joseph’s site, I was so impressed I had to speak with him to find out more about him and his services. I knew right away over the phone that he is exactly the personal brand strategist I should be working with to reinvent my style and brand. I felt an instant connection. Joseph took the time to get to know me, listening to my needs and asking questions to find out more about me and my personality as well as my professional goals. 

Joseph provided me with a personal brand survey that I filled out. It allowed me to be completely honest about who I am and how I want to appear to clients. After analyzing the results and discussing them together, Joseph created a strategic plan to help me get the results I wanted from the rebranding process. 

Working with Joseph, I was able to see my vision come to life through his talents. He provides a hands-on approach to color palettes and textures, helping me choose the right clothing and accessories to accentuate my style and create a more professional look at the same time. Joseph provided a variety of tools to highlight my strengths and areas that could use a renewal. It’s truly amazing what a fresh set of eyes can do, especially those of a style expert with an eye for fashion. 

Going into my rebranding photoshoot, I felt confident that my vision would be portrayed in a way that pleased me as well as potential clients. I believed that anyone who would view the photos would see me for who I am as well as the image I want to convey. I had no worries and felt completely confident due to the professional touch Joseph provided throughout the process. 

The results of the photoshoot were above and beyond what I could have expected. I felt I had successfully rebranded my business while still staying true to myself. My own unique style was able to shine through with a more professional overtone that allows me to attract not only more business, but different types of clients. The final product showcased all of the work and steps along the way that Joseph and I put in together. It gave me a better understanding of how an outside eye views my style. I show up in the way I want to show up because of my experience with him and his expertise.

Working with Joseph is like working with a best friend. Our conversations were always more like casual chats than business meetings. He is so warm and friendly, you can tell he truly cares about you as a client and as a person. What was most important for me is that he was likeable and fun and made every step of the process enjoyable. That was something that I was looking for, not just in a personal stylist, but in any type of consulting. He’s passionate about what he does and works with a contagious excitement. 

I would absolutely recommend Joseph to anyone looking to reinvent themselves without changing who they are. He is professional and discreet, an absolute joy to work with.