Resources to Transform Your Personal Style


For over thirty years, C-level executives, pro-sports figures, media personalities, politicians, and actors have sought out my life-changing services. Even high school students.

As a result of decades of work, I developed a world-class methodology to elevate people’s personal style and executive presence.

Of note, this proven process taps into the power of style psychology so that you realize personal goals. In fact, this holistic approach honors your unique personality and skill strengths, and creates an individually tailored, customized style.

It works like this. Evaluations of your personal brand and personality define your personal style. Definitions require words and language.

Did you know that a secret language of clothing and style exists?

You probably know more of the words and definitions than you realize. The best part is that you don’t have to be fluent to crack the code. Although, when you do, you will know how to dress appropriately for all occasions of your life.

Crucially, personal style impacts how you tell your story without saying a word. In other words, you do have the ability to shape how people perceive you in any situation.

So, as your unique personal style sharpens, you become more confident. Above all, you will more easily express yourself life-changing ways.

These free ‘Personal Style Transforms’ white papers are the result of 30-plus years of honing personal branding and style strategies. In particular, they help to decode the mysteries of creating a personal style to attain greater professional and personal fulfillment.


I wrote and offer these free white papers (see above) to propose ideas about refining your personal style. Above all, these white papers offer insight into how personal style impacts your professional and personal goals. They might just inspire you to create a strong style presence.


In the same vein, I offer topical musings about how personal style transforms your life. Plus, I share style strategies in my blog INSIGHTS. Receive them directly to your inbox by registering for my monthly newsletter.


Creating Unique Style Improves the Bottom Line is a set of seminars, geared to association members, work groups, and business leaders. Importantly, these programs intend to help participants activate their own personal style discovery process based on individually defined goals.


Further, give thought to my complete range of related services. They include personal branding exploration, color and style profiling, wardrobe development, full-on image consulting, and executive presence coaching.

If you intend to transform, the experience should be meaningful and long lasting. So, this is the promise of value of these services.

I approach my clients with a genuine commitment to discover what will best shape their personal evolution.