Developing your personal color profile is a crucial hallmark of effective and everlasting personal style and image development. Without tapping into the colors that look best on you, you take many chances with your personal appearance and presentation. The colors that look best on you also represent your strength of character. Developing your personal color profile is so special. Let’s look at how color keeps you on the success path.

A color palette just like this one will help you see how color keeps you on the success path.

The personal color profile is the very first activity new clients experience when we begin our journey together. Down the road, in subsequent years, the color profile pays off exponentially. The results of a personal style profile could sway or influence my color choices. I don’t want that to happen. So, I strategically begin with the color profile. [The personal style profile is the second activity that a new client experiences.] But, I also want to learn amazing information about each new client through the lens of color. And, I want to reiterate this information back to each client.

The system I use to profile a person’s colors is comprised of 3500 individual colors, arranged on 550 individual sticks.  Each stick has 3 and 6 colors affixed to it.  First, I hold each one next to the face to see which colors best suit the client. Next, I look at how the colors reiterate the client’s Color DNA.  I coined this term many years ago to describe the color of eyes, hair, brows, base skin tone, and hemoglobin. Then, I use the palette system to identify additional colors that compliment the client’s personal coloring. The resultant palette always reveals outstanding personal information about the strengths of my client and their path.

This amazing silk dupioni material is a new skirt that Emma has added to update her wardrobe. She looks amazing in this skirt because of its color and construction. But, she also is reminded when she wears it of how color keeps you on the success path.

When I first started my practice, a purported personal color expert created a color palette for me. Using her proprietary system, the palette looked kind of random and hodge-podge. She described my palette as “Alpine Woodsy.” I left that meeting scratching my head. I wondered how that description fit who I endeavored to be. It didn’t fit at all.

As a result of that experience, I endeavored to create a much more exciting experience for my clients. I have studied advanced personal coloring techniques with my mentor, Debra Lindquist in Denver, Colorado. Plus, I have independently studied color psychology, and still do to this day. And, I have also studied color psychology and trendcasting with Leatrice Eiseman. Lee is the executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, and one of the world’s leading color authorities.

The result is that I can see the true and deep meaning of colors in an arranged color palette.  Like the palette pictured above, prepared for Emma Grillo, a former college intern, you can have one, too. Together, we can learn a lot about who you are as a result of studying your best colors.


Another example of how color keeps you on the success path. Emma’s other newest wardrobe items [socks excluded!] are this jumper and skirt. The colors really do serve to enhance her life mission, as much as the patterns, textures, construction, and fit. Just look at Emma’s face, full of self-assurance and ease.

Before Emma headed back to her college studies, we reviewed her palette.  In the moments and days that followed this special meeting, I saw a real shift in her demeanor. She definitely felt like someone outside her family truly acknowledged and saw her for who she is. As one client lovingly told me, this experience puts people “on the success path.”

So that you can see how color keeps you on the success path, here is what Emma’s color profile reveals. She is capable of creating theories.  Emma will travel to distant or unfamiliar places.  She expresses a great deal of feeling and meaning, and does things with intention.  Studying Emma’s colors provide much more insight than just telling her that these colors will make her attractive. Maybe it seems implausible that color can provide so much insight. Yet, having studied this for many years, I bring the impact of that learning to every client.

Explaining this information reiterated that she is on the success path with her studies and her life goals. As a result, Emma was able to connect with the image that she is building.  On the surface, it seemingly has nothing to do with style, or even fashion.  And yet, knowing this significant and deep stuff made connecting Emma to her personal style much more meaningful and joyful.

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