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You are on the move. A positive challenge has led you to search for executive presence coaching. Maybe you’re soon to land your next executive leader role. Or you got promoted in the last 90 days. Executive presence training is not really training at all. It’s an experience that honors more than the reality that you are on the move. You’re on the make but you don’t “make” yourself through training. You make yourself by gradually growing your whole being. This includes your presence.

Executive presence isn’t something you can do through so-called training. The notion of executive presence training is that you can learn it all in a few lessons. If that’s all you want, I’ll save you the time and investment. Read my brief but comprehensive white paper about mastering quality presence.

If you are humble enough to know that you need executive presence coaching, you’re on the right track. Why? Because humility is knowing your place in the world as you grow.

This might seem silly but try this with a free hand as you read along. Take a free hand and make a fist with it. Look at it. Envision the fist as a flower whose petals are all closed. Slowly open your fist and stretch out your fingers. Let them stretch to the point where you can feel your fingers stretch to their limit. Your hand represents a flower in full bloom. That’s humility in action. This also serves as an example of executive presence coaching.

If you work with me, that may be the only executive presence coaching you’ll get. Why? Because I believe a consulting model is more effective than training or consulting. Yet being in full bloom is precisely what executive presence is about. So, it’s an important lesson to learn because it prepares you for the next level ‘you.’

Executive presence is not something to get done so that you can move on. It’s something you work on with constancy and consistence. As your trusted executive presence adviser, I help you level up your positioning. We work together so that those around you respect you as a leader.

As you reveal more of yourself as a flower in full bloom, it’s hard to do alone. Flowers need the right elements and conditions to bloom just as there are many aspects of executive presence to be mindful of.

To help you master quality presence, I advise on these aspects of executive presence:

  • Charisma
  • Incisiveness
  • Composure
  • Succinct
  • Confidence
  • Relatability
  • Credibility

Everyone can develop and own these qualities. What it comes down to is that there is only one you. Quick fix executive presence training or coaching won’t help long term. To master quality presence, personalized focus will help you to grow as you reach new heights. Along with successes come new challenges. Within those challenges are growth opportunities. As you keep going and growing, you’ll want to keep your presence in check.

This is your journey. You’re at a point where you are just about to bloom {again}. Do you have all the right elements to help you blossom? Do you grow in the wild, or with the help of someone who expertly helps people come into full bloom? Answer these questions with honest humility, and you will be the most prized flower in the garden.

Ready to come into full bloom as the very best version of yourself to date? Take the next step and see if you’ve got what it takes.

two men drawing each other

As your trusted executive presence adviser, I help you level up your positioning. We work together so that those around you respect you as a leader.


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