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Since you’re looking into executive image consulting, and I’m an image consultant in NYC, I want to invite you on a journey. In fact, the journey begins right here, right now. There must be a reason why you are on this search, and that’s what the journey is all about. You might have a picture in your head about what the future could look like for you. If you do, I am curious what that picture looks like for you and how thinking about it makes you feel.

What does this curiosity have to do with executive image consulting? Everything.

From all my years in Chicago, Dallas, Silicon Valley, and as an image consultant in NYC, I know that the vision you hold for yourself is everything. I want to put a fine point on this vision. We need to think of it as your self-image. As an executive in search of image consulting, you can’t only address your physical exterior. The outside matters far less until it aligns with who you are inside. So, the journey is about going inside, outside, and all around you.

The inner journey is a fantastic exploration of your strengths, gifts, and talents. Especially, it’s about how you see and feel about yourself. Your current self and your future self. You can also explore how people perceive you. This is like taking in an aerial view of yourself where you see your complete self and in detail.

This journey goes well beyond exploration. Insights make it easier to take the right actions that propel you towards attaining your desires. When it comes to your image, it’s too easy to overlook all this and head to a dressing room at your preferred store. Executive image consulting offers so much more than the wardrobe you know you want and need. It’s an iterative experience to have as you continue to grow.

When you seek the help of an expert image consultant in NYC, you set the bar high for the outcomes you desire.

You also set a high bar – as you should – for a great experience. The effort it takes behind the scenes to prepare you for being in a daily spotlight must be smooth. If it is not, you will feel challenged when it’s time to show up in front of people. This is important no matter where you live, or where we work together.

It’s important to think about what you want to get out of working with a high caliber image consultant. What do you envision happening to you through the experience, and how do you think it will make you feel? In what ways do you want to change or evolve? How do you want people around you to treat you? How do you want to conduct yourself around them? What is at stake for your growth and development currently? These questions and more set a strong foundation for a top-notch experience.

The journey will lead you to where you want to go and support you in ways you might not even realize that you need. You’ll have an increased sense of inner self that matches the potential of your outer self.

Are you ready to have an experience of a lifetime? The kind that has the power to change you in ways you didn’t see coming and makes you an even better human? Click over to the next step and let’s see if we click.

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Personal Image Consulting FAQs

Doesn’t my image only involve looking in the mirror? 

Your image is much more than what you see in the mirror. It is how you see and feel about yourself, as well as how others see you.. The clothes you wear project an image – one that you co-create with Joseph. When you work with an image consultant and look in the mirror, you will see a transformed reflection of you. You will feel it inside and see it on the outside.  

Is image only about clothes and style? 

Not at all. Of course, your wardrobe plays a significant role in your image. As you learn about your personal style and wear your new clothes, your confidence will grow. This aspect is critical and sets the tone for how you feel and how others perceive you. Remember, it’s one thing to buy clothing. But, it’s quite another to own the look. 

What if I don’t know anything about fashion or style? 

There is no need for you to know anything about fashion or style – that’s why you hire an image consultant. Joseph is a trusted expert at improving your image and helping you to achieve goals.  

What are the benefits of investing in image consulting?

Hiring an image consultant will allow you to feel more confident by: 

  • Dressing your physical body in colors and styles that enhance and honor your body, exactly as it is
  • Dressing for personal empowerment, increasing your visibility and income, meeting the right people 
  • Thriving  confidence and self-image

Can image consulting help me land the job of my dreams? 

Yes. A personal style transformation cannot be successful without also impacting you from within. You will burst with confidence, which makes you look like a winner. And winners get the opportunities for advancement. You have to show that you are ready for the role you seek. 

Your clothing style must first fit your mindset, then your body.


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