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Silicon Valley Stylist & Image Consultant

Silicon Valley iconoclasts and innovators reject rules about business and style. Likewise, a personal image consultant in Silicon Valley must embrace its disruptive culture. Joseph Rosenfeld has served tech executives in and around San Jose for many years. He isn’t afraid to help you make waves with your personal style, while also projecting the right image. Whether in the boardroom or social settings, appearance still matters in Silicon Valley. But, it does take a nuanced approach.

In fact, many tech CEOs and thought leaders have a little secret. A personal branding consultant helps turn their inner qualities into executive presence. Silicon Valley A-listers trust in Joseph’s unique approach to precision personal styling. They also seek his counsel about personal branding, image, and executive presence.

Silicon Valley Personal Image Consultant Services

Joseph Rosenfeld’s service goes well beyond a world-class wardrobe consultant or personal stylist. He aims for you to gain greater confidence and to feel at ease and self-assured in any situation. Joseph’s evolutionary Silicon Valley personal branding consultant services include:

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In a short amount of time, you can align your look with your voice and words – and then tip the scales in your favor. To learn more, contact Joseph Rosenfeld at (408) 550-5335 or click below to schedule a consultation