Invite me to give a fun, entertaining, and educational talk about personal image to your group. No matter where your business or professional organization is located within Silicon Valley, I can develop and deliver a memorable and beneficial presentation for your group.

Topic: Personal Image from the Inside Out

Do you find yourself drawn to style but feel stuck when trying to style yourself? Trust me when I tell you that once upon a time that was once me, too. Admittedly, when I felt style-stuck I was much younger. But style was my salvation from those who would have done me harm. Style was what I learned to wear on the outside that was coming from deep inside. Let me take your group on a journey into discovering where personal style resides within you.

Topic: From Being Bullied to the Big Time

As a teen beaten for being gay [even before becoming self-aware], I know how lonely life can be for a teen branded an outcast by his peers. Recalling how that anguish feels as present as blood pulsing through my veins, those memories and experiences compel me to reach out to schools about ending the bullying epidemic that is hurting more people, and ending lives. A healthy self-image is positive for bullies and for those who are bullied. I am living proof.

Workshop: Personal Style Workshop for a Group of Five Friends

This is an amazing, private 2-part workshop for 5 individuals who know one another and who want to learn and grow together. Each participant learns about personal style in an intimate group setting and gains knowledge of personal benefit. It’s an amazing bonding experience.

Event: Women’s Luxe Life Luncheon

Who doesn’t love a little get-away, especially when it involves lunch, shopping, and a stretch limousine? Gather a group of your friends for a special occasion – maybe for your birthday or a special milestone – and be whisked away to a fashionable Bay Area shopping destination for a gourmet lunch. While dining, you’ll get the skinny on the latest style tips and trends, and get the low-down on the do’s and don’t of current fashion. After the luncheon, put your newly acquired education to the test. This is an afternoon geared for a group of up to 8 women.