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Joseph Rosenfeld speaks to professionals at business conferences and corporate in-house programs about style in tomorrow’s Silicon Valley.

Want to learn about how style will be driving tomorrow’s Silicon Valley?  Silicon Valley counterculture has embraced a rule-less casual environment.  This is now shifting.  An insider’s perspective of this shift could lead one to conclude that there is no real shift. Change, in terms of style, tends to occur at a glacial pace.  Seems like men continue to dominate in Silicon Valley.  On top of that, men’s fashion styles change at an imperceptible pace, if only because men resist change.

Women are playing more of an important role in the changing face of Silicon Valley. This strong influence of women leaders in all areas and levels of high tech [except, notably, for the CEO role] adds to the dynamism that creates changes in personal style.

Although Silicon Valley’s workplaces maintain sexist and ageist behaviors, it’s not going to be that way for much longer.  Today, women play pivotal roles, ensuring that they no longer work under the construct of a “man’s world.”  Similarly, mature professionals will be sought after for their experience and proven track records.

Imagine that something as basic as a person’s style can become a great equalizer.  The style in tomorrow’s Silicon Valley will further shape the face of Silicon Valley.

This is good for business, for people employed by these businesses, and for our economic sustenance.

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