Style Leads to Owning a More Complete You

Style leads to owning a more complete you. No one thinks that developing a stronger sense of personal style will lead to anything more than looking even better. This color palette belongs to the client I’ve written about in this post. Those colors, and the styles of clothing that she wears, has helped her to see herself in a whole new light. What a sweet experience for her to elevate her daily life.

This post is dedicated to a dear and sweet client [you know who you are!]. She revealed a profound development to me recently over lunch that is the highest form of proof that style leads to owning a more complete you.  There was no preparation for this particular conversation between us. But, it was one of the most gratifying statements about her own growth.  It’s one that I dream every client will experience.

Sitting in a comfortable Menlo Park restaurant, dining on delicious salads, most of the way through our lunch, she said it.  She reminded me of something she had said to me back in the spring, when we last worked together.  Although she expressed some embarrassment and remorse for having said it, she wanted to set the record straight.

Back then, she told me that she desired just one outcome from our working together: to look good and dress well.

At our recent lunch, she said that she thought that I must have thought of her desire as being shallow.

To tell the truth, I didn’t judge her statement at all. It was her desire.  In my opinion, when we take measures to take better care of ourselves, it leads us to be better people.  When she told me this earlier this year, I felt that her desire would lead her to an eventual outcome.  Well, did it ever.

At this lunch, she revealed to me what she actually came to understand about herself, at least in part, because of our work together.  I braced myself at the table because, as she explained it to me, I knew how huge this was for her to experience, to live with, and to share with me.

We each enjoyed the same simple and healthy salad. And we had a healthy and special conversation. I will likely always be hired for my mad styling skills. But, what people really get is a better life. That’s how style leads to owning a more complete you.

My very bright client had a successful career as a scientist.  Her husband has had a particularly successful career.  Together, they have done quite well for themselves, and have raised two kids who they adore.  Both kids now have their own families, and my client and her husband are proud grandparents.  She and her husband are very involved in philanthropic endeavors.  More than giving time and donating money, they do work and perform service.

So, how does style lead to owning a more complete you, especially if it seems like your life is as great as my client’s life sounds?

You see, as great as it has been, and continues to be, she was not taking full ownership.  What he built, she never thought enough of herself to think it was also for her.  He wanted that for her. But, she couldn’t quite get there.

My sweet and lovely – and I’ll say humble – client finally got to see how special she is.  As a result, she sees and knows her value and contribution to her husband’s success.  Now, they both are on the same page.  Together, they are successful.  She shows up ready to take on projects in their philanthropic endeavors.  She’s more present, more powerful, and more ready to take on more work.  Over time, she has seen the correlation of how working on her style has allowed herself to stand more fully in her own power.

When she told me this story, I just looked at her and smiled and cheered her on.  When we stood up, I told her that I loved her and gave her a big warm hug.  Then, I got into my car, and sitting there all alone, I wept happy tears for her subtle transformation.

If I could have been successful like that for one human being, my entire life has been worth living.  How lucky for me that this is an experience I get to have time and time again with my clients.  So, when I say that style leads to owning a more complete you, stories like this prove it. Even my scientist client, who loves to see proof, can attest to this.

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