One day, my teenage son happened upon a ‘makeover’ show on TV and asked me if I would consider hiring one to help him refine his image and style. Although this might sound like an odd request from a teenager, anyone with teenage children can easily understand the anxiety and pressure kids are under during their critical formative years. I decided to do some research on the topic online and came across Joseph Rosenfeld.

After speaking with Joseph and explaining my request, he immediately knew he could help and I hired him to work with my son. They got along very well and together they embarked on a journey to discover my son’s personal style. Joseph was kind and caring throughout the process and shared many personal stories and insights that helped my son find the confidence to make good style choices. There are so many fashion options available, which can be overwhelming, but armed with Joseph’s help and a complete color profile my son was able to find out ‘who he is’ and what it means to him to get dressed each day.

In the end, he was left with a blueprint to help him make smarter fashion decisions in the future and gave him the added confidence – which he needed at that time – to help him achieve his goals.

With the success my son had with Joseph, I decided to give his services as a gift to my daughter on her 16th birthday, and will also make this option available when my youngest turns that age. She was already into fashion and style and again, this helped her refine her ‘look’ and learn how to select pieces that worked together into a wide range of looks.

Seeing what Joseph did for my children, both my husband and I decided to update our look and wardrobe with his assistance and look forward to continue working with him in the future. With Joseph you get more than an image mentor, you get someone who understands the psychology behind ‘dressing for success’ and his contagious passion for perfection stands out in the final result.

~ Socialite, Silicon Valley, CA