Fair warning. Successfully revamping your image isn’t always easy. Even so, if you do it the right way, the experience is still fun and rewarding. I ought to know because revamping my image is also not easy. It takes work, intention, effort, and mindfulness to end up with the best possible self-image. It’s not as easy as throwing on fresh clothes, even when they are designer and expensive.  The key to successfully revamping your image is to take a holistic approach.  Work on the outside while aligning it with work that you simultaneously do on the inside.

I’m a perfect example of this holistic approach because I’m going through yet another image revamping. First you need to know some parameters. I’m not doing this out of boredom, or otherwise sick and tired of myself. I’m not doing this because I’m vapid. Here’s what’s happening. I am challenging myself to live up to my highest ideals with a drive to achieve goals. In fact, these are goals that I previously told myself were impossible to achieve. I even talked myself out of trying. I want to do bigger things in my life than I’ve ever done before.

A number of these bigger things are in progress, and in varying degrees. Who knows how all of it will end up. I have to keep plugging away on these simultaneous projects. The thing is, these projects are products of who I am, of my experiences, and of my dreams. The sum of these senses of self is my self-image. And, that self-image is an inner-outer combination of who I am. What image do I want to project to myself, and what does that look like?

Imagine that I have a successful bi-coastal personal styling practice, with a New York apprentice program. And, let’s say that, along with my co-founder, we launch our fashion-tech startup. Oh, and how about that book that I’ve written? And then there’s this TV concept that I’m working on with a pair of producers. In total, how does this enterprise concept reflect on my self-image? Am I worthy of this success? [YES, I am.] What does that success look like? And, most importantly, how do I present myself while working to successfully fulfill these dreams?

I have many ideas about what this looks like. To a large degree, I have the right look. But, there’s more work to do on the outside. This work propels my inner self-image closer to the best ever version of myself who makes this all happen. I need constant focus and to draw upon positive energy to work on all of these projects. How I look is a reflection of how I feel about myself. Plus, that visual connection reminds me of my inner self and who that guy inside is.

Successfully revamping your image is more important than you might think. It’s easy to brush this off like it’s a rather self-indulgent project. If you want to get a message out, or make a difference in the world, your self-perception affects the outcome. I ought to know this because this isn’t the first time I’ve made an effort to revamp my image.

It’s so important to me that, behind the scenes, I’m working on a fresh identity for my business. As an entrepreneur, my business is a reflection of me, and I am a reflection of my endeavors. It’s exciting to think bigger and to contemplate how that affects my image and, therefore, my look. Chances are, you’ll notice only subtle changes because I’m already well on track. And yet, subtle tweaking is all it takes to make a massive difference in aligning the inner with the outer.

Have you thought recently about successfully revamping your image? What would you like to achieve and to get out of that experience? Have you plateaued somewhere on your journey and yet you know there’s more to experience? That’s the perfect time to take action. Intention without action is only a plan. Like I said at the beginning, successfully revamping your image isn’t always easy. And yet, even in my case, I’m having the most fun ever! You can, too.