Introducing My Comprehensive Dress-Style Commentary

Written with attorneys in mind, but also valuable to [...]

An Image Relaunch Takes Place 30 Years Later

An image relaunch takes place 30 years later, and I gifted myself with newfound freedom. Fun and success, indeed.

Use Clothing to Effectively Tell Your Story

Since clothing has its own language, I champion the notion to use clothing to effectively tell your story. It’s not easy to teach a broad range of individuals how to do this in a blog post.

Doing What’s Awkward Forces You to Grow

This innocent social experience reminded me that doing what’s awkward forces you to grow. We all have some sort of related experience.

Are You A Very Competitive Dresser?

A very competitive dresser is threatened by other women, particularly her close friends, with whom she tends to socialize and from whom she needs attention.

Why You Need to Dress Location Appropriate

By thinking about the location appropriateness of your clothing, whether it be for a vacation or simply for an outing, you will find yourself feeling much more confident in what you are wearing.

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