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That Amazing Moment of Transformation

His answer was proof of that amazing moment of transformation taking place. He said, “Joseph, you took my fuzzy future and just made it crystal clear.”

Are You Being Held Hostage By Your Wardrobe?

If your wardrobe is like this client’s, you are being held hostage by your wardrobe. These clothes give you a false sense of security.

Crucial Components To Thoroughly Develop Your Brand

When you know what your strengths are, you learn more of the crucial components to thoroughly develop your brand.

Closet Talk – The Micro Emotions of Your Personal Style

The micro emotions of your personal style influence your clothing selections, and affect the way you feel throughout the day as a result of those decisions.

Tim Cook – A Profile In Style

A lot of attention is being paid to Tim Cook these days. The CEO of Apple, Inc., and the world’s highest paid CEO, has garnered a lot of press on the heels of his recent testimony before the U.S. Congress on corporate tax law reform. It seems the world is keenly interested in how Apple is being run, as well as what kinds of products to expect from the world’s most valuable company. And so, Tim Cook is someone who I think is worthy of a profile in style.