“Joseph has a process that leaves “no stone unturned” for understanding who you are and the direction you are heading in. Joseph helped me to rediscover the essence of me in a whole new light. Now I not only have a wardrobe that I love choosing from, I feel confident as I step out onto the stage of life dressed for the part that I intend to play. I cannot say enough about Joseph. he is the essence of class and style.”

Los Altos Hills, CA

“Joseph pre-selected clothes…and we really saved time since Joseph did all the legwork for us! Joseph explained why he selected what he did and how everything went together. It was a great education…just what my husband was looking for. Everything…fit right within the budget. And he looked great! It was well worth the 3-1/2 hour drive each way.”

San Luis Obispo, CA

“Joseph is very creative and extremely organized. He took his time assessing my goals and translating them into a new look/personality. He put together a portfolio, which is extremely helpful in determining outfit combination for business and social settings.”

Software Engineer
Cupertino, CA

“Joseph’s attention to detail allowed me to feel comfortable with color (I am color blind). Immediately after implementing his recommendations, I received complements from colleagues and patients. He was able to help me make decisions to improve my professional decorum and convey the appropriate message.”

Santa Clara, CA

“Joseph made me comfortable. As a certified shop-a-phobe, I was initially reluctant. But he gently explained different clothing styles and what fit best with my body colors and shape. When I showed up at work in my new wardrobe, people were impressed and told me how professional I look. It made a big difference for me.”

Campbell, CA

“Joseph shopped for my summer wardrobe. He chose 24 combinations and I loved 21, which I bought and also was able to wear into fall/winter. I love my new color palette and clothes.”

Business Coach
Portola Valley, CA

“Joseph is very kind, compassionate and understanding. His knowledge of creating “the perfect image” is thorough and thoughtful. He has given me tools to try to always look my best. And, he makes the whole process fun!”

San Jose, CA

“Joseph took the time to ask me about my own style, my day-to-day functions, and my lifestyle. He designed a profile that fit me – and not anyone else. I appreciate the time and dedication that he put into developing me as a person and not as a client.”

Mountain View, CA

“Joseph made me feel like I was the only person on the planet. He taught me to buy the clothes that make me look good, rather than the clothes that just look good. I have saved a fortune on clothes since my analysis, but look like a million (so my friends say!).”

San Jose, CA

“Working with Joseph…gave us ownership of successful personality traits and the ‘essence of being’ that one gets usually only through the most honest assessment of mate or friend that is confident enough to chance frankness. I truly came away with much more clarity and serenity – in a time of reinventing personal style.”

Workshop Participant
San Jose, CA

“This is one of the best training courses I’ve taken. Just as Joseph cares for his clients, he cares for his students. All of the information was relevant and applicable. The activities we did aided the learning process. We were encouraged to contribute. I enjoyed hearing about Joseph’s philosophy about his work. He is a natural teacher!!”

Workshop Participant
San Diego, CA