This blog topic idea came to me on a Saturday morning when I met my good friend Jim for coffee. Over some weeks, Jim had confided in me about a challenge he was facing.  I advised him how he might opt to handle it. To add to the upheaval, he was on the cusp of leaving one company to start at another with a bigger opportunity.  Fortunately, it has all landed beautifully for Jim.  In order for this to have gone as well as it has, I’d advise anyone going through anything similar to transform when you are not where you want to be.

To transform when you are not where you want to be is easier said than done.  If it were so easy, we all would be functioning at our peak performance all the time.  Are you there yet?

What makes me qualified to write about this?  Well, this could be a book.  In fact, I’m earnestly writing that book right now.  But, in the dedicated yet small space of this post, I want to share with you that my entire life is based on this very thing.  I transformed, and you can, too.  In fact, I have not been where I wanted to be at various points of my life for decades.  I even gave into the false narrative that I am unworthy of greatness.  Talk about self-sabotage.  Yucko.

The hardest thing for highly driven and successful people, which perfectly describes the clients I serve, is to recognize that they are not where they want to be.  It’s quite humbling to admit it.

Acknowledging exactly where you are, and how this may not be aligned with your true vision is an act of freedom.  How can you surge forward without being grounded in the reality of what “is?”

Recently, I have faced some personally challenging times.  Life isn’t “up” all the time.  The best part of experiencing the “downs” of life is to challenge your thinking.  You might think and say, “if you don’t like something, change it.”  But that isn’t satisfying.  You can’t usually “change” anything or anyone except for yourself.  To make a meaningful difference, I recommend that you transform when you are not where you want to be.

Making a more dramatic change that defines textbook transformation may satisfy you a whole lot more than mere change.  When you holistically make an inner/outer shift into more fully owning and containing who you are, life improves, sometimes vastly.  Time and time again, I have personally borne witness to clients becoming aligned with their inner strengths and seeing how to let their gifts show up with pride and authenticity.

The thing is, no client comes to me because they find the status quo of their lives as acceptable.  They are hugely driven and successful individuals.  And, they are each humble enough to realize that they aren’t where they want to be.  I could never know that about someone.  That’s that person’s story to tell.  But, when they tell me that they want to be better about who they are, and to do better about what they do, they are ready to transform.

So all you really have to ask is are you not where you want to be? If the answer to the painful question is, “yes,” then maybe it’s time to seek out expertise about helping you to transform.

Working on your personal brand development will help you to deeply connect with your strengths, while working on your personal style will help you to strengthen your presence.  This holistic idea will bring about everlasting goodness to your life.  You are worth it; don’t you think?

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