Somewhere out of the deepest recesses of my mind emerged the beginnings of something big. I may be getting closer to figuring out why my life is dedicated to turning around our identities. I am absolutely certain that the deep internal work I’ve been doing is work that some of us are doing. The work of turning around our identities may take on many forms. In my experience, a holistic approach is what has brought me to this point.

Outwardly, my appearance morphed into a physical manifestation of a significant internal turnaround. A healthy appearance is the effect of generally taking care of my mind, body, and spirit. Plus, it’s due to developing good style and a highly cultivated taste level. So, where did all of this style and taste come from? And why does it matter?

Turning around our identities may actually have a lot to do with what we didn’t receive early on in life. And when I say early on, I mean from birth.

My parents loved me with their whole hearts; I’m sure of it. However, as their first-born child, I instinctively knew that my parents had a limited capacity to take care of me. From very early and throughout my childhood, I felt unloved, although my parents absolutely loved me and it was obvious. Even so, the die was cast by that time because I didn’t get that early nurturing and feeling of connection that is crucial to normal, healthy human development. Unknowingly, I’ve been searching to give this gift to myself ever since. Living life conscientiously and intentionally, I stumbled upon this truth.

Caring for myself from a very young age was my decision. I did not want to burden my parents. It’s no wonder that when other damaging situations fell upon me, I opted to keep quiet about it all. The babysitter’s sexual abuse and the childhood bullying and tormenting were too much to share with my parents. At least, that is what I had grown accustomed to thinking. I’m not blaming them, and I’m not blaming me. This instinctive and intuitive behavior is how flowers instinctively turn toward the sun in order to get what they need.

My personal style became the focus of my life as a teenager. Now, I see that it wasn’t just to combat bullying. It was to give myself something positive to see when I looked into the mirror. Looking into the mirror gave me a chance to create the connection my parents couldn’t give me as an infant. I learned to surround myself in comfort, developing myself from the outside in, so that I could build my confidence.

Today, when clients come to work with me, I completely understand how the focus is on the here and now. Everyone has immediate needs to tend to. But, from where do these immediate needs come? As people advance professionally and socially, it creates new growth opportunities. So, when it comes to turning around our identities, it’s a moment to turn ourselves toward the sun for nurturing.

It’s an honor to serve my clients as a nurturer by working as a personal stylist. The personal branding aspect of the work – the work we do before the styling happens – is where the nurturing happens. This is the golden opportunity to shine light on the truth of who you are.

Yes. The truth of who you are. This is everything. It’s my personal lifelong search from within. It’s the search I take you and me on as your expert. Finally, I now know that this gift directly connects to the opportunity and challenge provided me from birth! Months into my 49th year of life I finally figured this out. It’s never too late to learn and grow more – and to get to the truth of who you are. Ultimately, by turning around our identities, we can give ourselves what was missing all along. When that happens, we become more whole, and can finally reach our personal potentials with authentic substance and great style.