Virtual Personal Stylist

Our online personal styling services offer the same effective interactions and successful outcomes. It’s practically like meeting in person, except that you can enjoy the experience from the safety and comfort of home.

What Is a Virtual Personal Stylist?

As your virtual personal stylist, you can confidently count on building an accurate color and personal style profile. These instructive tools create the foundation for building a charismatic personal style that matches your personality and goals. Working with Joseph Rosenfeld, you benefit from his 30-plus years’ experience and his encyclopedic knowledge of style and of fashion.

If you seek an in-depth and holistic approach to develop a professional image virtual personal brand exploration is also available. This involves a 360 personal branding survey and analysis with coaching upon closing out the survey. Again, all of this takes place virtually from home.

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Other Virtual Consulting Services

Then, the service continues with Joseph serving as your wardrobe stylist online. Keeping as much of the service as old school as possible, Joseph heads into stores to curate your new look. After selecting items and creating conceptual outfits for your consideration, you receive it all to review at home. During one or more online wardrobe styling sessions with Joseph, you first open and unpack your proposed wardrobe capsule. Then, you get a comprehensive explanation of what you have unpacked. And finally, you get to try everything on and make final decisions.

With knowledge about your personal coloring, personal style, personal brand, personality, strengths, and goals, Joseph will have made precise choices. This is why so many clients love and appreciate his approach and have nicknamed him their precision personal stylist.

Also of note, Joseph offers ongoing and virtual image consulting and virtual executive presence coaching. With your personal color and style profiles, personal branding exploration, and first wardrobe capsule all complete, these services generate results.

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Get Started with Joseph Rosenfeld

In a short amount of time, you can align your look with your voice and words – and then tip the scales in your favor. To learn more, contact Joseph Rosenfeld at (408) 550-5335 or click below to schedule a consultation

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