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If your wardrobe isn’t up-to-date, it can cause unintended consequences. A dated wardrobe can indicate that you’re not taking good care of yourself and make deciding what to wear painful. You want to look put together and fashionable, but without having the right finishing pieces, you miss the mark. It’s even possible that what you really want isn’t even clothes at all. Confidence is what you want, and style is how you get it. But in order to have style that conveys confidence, you really do need the right clothes.

Why You Need a Professional Wardrobe

This is why wardrobe development is so important. In order to manage your image and executive presence, an appropriate wardrobe unlocks the door to possibilities and opportunities. The methodology Joseph offers favors individuality over conformity, with an eye towards current, fashionable, and appropriate clothing and accessories.

You really can have that it factor about your overall presence. Developing the right wardrobe will help you to enhance and manage your appearance.

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Freedom is a wardrobe clear of clothes that clutter both the closet & mind.


Curating Your Closet

Treat your closet like a serious art gallery by hanging only pieces you would proudly wear today and organizing it.

When you open up your closet are you greeted by chaos or calm? One of the most important steps to take in the journey of developing your personal style is evaluating your wardrobe. Maybe you’ve done some of this work already following the instructions of a guru organizer. But, without guidance about the colors and styles that define your personal style, you’ve not yet fully curated your closet.

Closet curating helps to make sense of what you have, what you should keep, and what you need. Even if you want an entirely new wardrobe, a thorough closet review makes it clear what you’re moving away from. Through a therapeutic, organized and methodical review of your closet, this experience will enlighten and prepare you for your new look.

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