When was the last time you looked at the clothing in your closet and said, “these are some awesome clothes?!”  It’s a terrible feeling to open your closet door day after day to a wardrobe to look at every morning that you feel disconnected from.  Time and again, clients tell me just how often they feel frozen when looking at their clothes to dress in the morning, to go out at night, as well as for special occasions.  This arresting feeling is not a promising way to begin any day of work, of leisure, or an exciting night out.

How can you look forward to getting dressed when you are faced with feeling uninspired by your clothes, bored by what you own, and are unable to create a complete, good looking, head-to-toe outfit?  And, when you finally get dressed, you aren’t just wearing the clothes that are driving you crazy.  You’re also putting on those uncomfortable feelings that are connected to being unhappy and insecure about how you look and what you’re wearing.  This happens to lots of people.  So don’t ever feel alone if this feels like you.

You could have all of this angst about how you look for any number of reasons.  My clients’ issues could fill a whole book.  Some have let go of thinking about their personal style because they’re displeased with their current weight and physique.  Others are so super busy that taking care of themselves is “wishful thinking.”  Some have not shopped for anything new in such a long time that going to look for anything new is totally scary.  Still others don’t feel they have the know-how or confidence to look as good as they see in their dreams.

Some clients are inconsistent about their interest in their image, style, and self-care.  They make an effort to get updated in one season, hoping to look updated and caught up after having not updated their image in years, only to fall back into old habits.  It takes dedication and consistency to break poor, old habits that hold you back from achieving lasting results and attaining goals.

The good news is that…  By acquiring some very powerful skills and tools, your daily dressing ritual can become a complete pleasure instead of a total pain.  You have to be open to being coached as well as to being stretched by trying colors and styles that may have been previously beyond your reach.

How important is it to you to feel great about yourself every single day?  Can you afford to let yourself go and then to let that show?  Have you thought of what avoiding your image has cost you?  You might start out by considering how your self-care regimen goes every day.  The less happy you are, the more it costs you throughout every single day.  That is a cycle worth breaking right now.

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