You’ve found success. But, what’s next? Who do you want to become?

These last many months have shown that change is inevitable, and that the unexpected will happen. You might believe that you are holding on until things go back to normal. But, nothing stays the same forever.

A test of wills between self-determination and the power of a global pandemic is bound to challenge conventional thinking. The old normal will give way to a new normal. In fact, this is already happening.

Whether time seems to have slowed, or you’re less mobile than usual, life may feel like a protracted retrograde cycle. Before this temporary but historic era, you may have lived life flying by the seat of your pants. Now, this slower time and sticking close to home offers [or forces] a fresh perspective.

So, as you think about who you want to become, you might consider how you will reemerge.

Sooner than you may realize, this retrograde period will end, and life will speed up again. As life moves forward, this allows you to reintroduce yourself to others in person. This is a gift!

If you are thinking about who you want to become, now is a great time to take action.

Using this time to re-frame your vision and purpose and values and passions will help you to retell your story. You could make a fresh impression to others by creating an image that reflects your personal brand. This could be exactly the right moment to show the qualities that make you a more confident leader.

With so much to consider, it begs the question. Who do you want to become?

Let’s talk about your goals and how you want to achieve them.