Just now, while opening up my computer to write this post, I quickly realized that I am working from home in sweats.  I’m actually recovering from an acute case of food poisoning.  Fun times.  I’m not even back on solid foods, yet.  But while in the same sweats I wore to the urgent care doctor yesterday, I just had to write about the notion of working from home in sweats.

I don’t really want you to have a vision of me lying in bed while working from home in sweats as I write this post.  So I’m sparing you the gory details by not sharing with you a picture of me looking pretty much at my worst.

When I hear of people working from home in sweats, I tend to have the same vision in my head that you may be having of me in my current state.

For sure, working from home in sweats must mean that you couldn’t possibly be bothered to manage your appearance.  If no one’s going to see you, why bother?  The way I’ve been feeling the past couple of days, I’d actually tend to agree.  But these are not normal circumstances.  I actually can’t wait to have the energy to stand up in the shower, clean my body, blow dry my hair, and put on something nice to wear – just for me.  I can’t imagine anything better than looking like a whole person.  It will undoubtedly make me feel like a whole person, too.

Working from home in sweats shouldn’t have any impact on the quality of your work.  But I’m sure it does.  I mean, being in sweats for the past couple of days, on top of how I’ve been feeling, has given me the added excuse of being lazy.  I didn’t write my blog post in time, which I mainly know is because I got very sick.  But lying around in sweats hasn’t helped me any either.  Who knows if this blog post is even any good?  I’m feeling so unsure of myself that it is even affecting how I feel about the output of my work.  Can you relate?

In the past week, we’ve heard about companies like Yahoo and Best Buy update their policies requiring their employees to show up to their respective offices.  People have commented on TV that they think this is a backward step, that this policy change is disrespectful to women, and so on.  From the bottom of my heart, I believe that these company directives are intended to get people out of the mode of working from home in sweats and into the offices where employees must be present and have a presence.

You sure can’t have a positive presence, do your very best work, or feel great about yourself when you’re working from home in sweats.  Believe me, tomorrow I’m back to work, and I’ve never, ever been so excited to get out of my sweats and back into “me!”

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