“… It’s More Than The Clothes You Wear”

I’ve been helping people successfully convey their unique set of strengths for over three decades. And I use clothing as tools to transform an individual’s personal style. As a result, people often report the experience as life changing. As a result of all of those years of experience, I’ve created a set of talks and workshops. These programs cover the concepts and values of personal style from introductory to advanced levels. Attendees will come away with useful insights into using a finely constructed personal style to achieve life-goals.

I’ve assisted the aspiring CEO, aspirational C-Suite executive, pro-sports figure, media personality, politician, actor, and high school student. Along the way, I have developed a world-class methodology to elevate a client’s personal and professional style. Far beyond following fashion trends, this is about tapping into the power of style psychology. This holistic and radical approach honors a person’s unique personality and skill strengths to create an individually tailored customized style.

I am available to lead workshops and conversations on the power of personal style and its effect on the “bottom line.” I consult with organizations, management, and/or staff. My programs aim to provide the audience with tools and a methodology to achieve individually defined goals. Equipping people to successfully convey style to create the very best versions of themselves. I also can create customized topics for your organization or company.

How You Show Up In The World

Many career-driven and successful people, juggling to balance work and life, would agree that it’s difficult to find time (or energy) to invest in creating a strong presence. Whether you have the time or not, if you agree that a strong style presence is a key to successful leadership, then you definitely will want to attend this fast-paced workshop.

By The Time You Leave This Workshop, You Will:

  • Conceptualize your look as a leader in your specific workplace and industry
  • Map out your audiences and match up your wardrobe needs
  • Learn key elements of personal color and style
  • Have a framework for making improvements in your personal presence to help you become a more successful leader

How Using Your Strengths Leads to Successful Transformation

Personal style reveals one’s inner strengths, tastes, and attitudes, however they do not necessarily translate into an effective leadership style. In this in-depth workshop you’ll discover individualistic style tips to make you a more effective leader.                                                           

By The Time You Leave This Workshop, You Will:

  • Value the importance of first impressions
  • Evaluate key elements of personal color and style
  • Identify your strengths and translate your leadership style into an effective style strategy
  • Gain new insights and information about the process of developing a successful personal style

Creating a Unique Personal Style

Your personal style is tied to how people perceive you. Ideally, your presence should showcase your strengths and personality; it provides you with a competitive edge. This in-depth program aims to demonstrate and identify the meaning of various aspects of personal style. This presentation reveals ‘how to’ successfully identify your unique blend of special talents, strengths and personality traits. A ‘how to’ construct a personal style strategy that’s unique to you.

By The Time You Leave This Workshop, You Will:

  • Learn about your color and Style DNA
  • Understand the psychology behind dressing for success
  • Save time and money before investing further in your wardrobe
  • Enhance your personal and professional style without guess work
  • Strategize how to direct people to see your leadership style
  • Evaluate how high achievers “look the part”

Challenging Yourself To Become The Very Best Version Of Yourself


See How Beating Bullying & Suicidal Thoughts Have Lead Me To Success.

By overcoming childhood abuse and bullying, I successfully transformed my life and the perceptions of how others viewed me. I discovered the power of clothing and style when I was a teenager and now use that experience to help others. The many challenges I overcame has given me the strength and expertise to help others realize and to show-up in life every day with their unique personal style.

This workshop is perfect for teens and challenged adults.

By the time you leave this workshop, you will:

  • Connect with personal anecdotal stories about overcoming bullying and triumphing
  • Visually tell your optimal story
  • Honor your unique individualistic qualities
  • Set your intention for how you want to see yourself before others do
  • Create community to inspire and support one another

Ready to Transform? Want to know more? See how the Joseph Rosenfeld Fashion and Personal Style Strategist methodology can help you transform your personal style.