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True Colors & Personal Style Profiles

The foundation for all the Rosenfeld personal stylist strategies and image consulting programs is True Colors.”  This is the perfect starting point to begin your journey into transforming your personal style. In fact, the profiling exercise outcomes set you up for the growth you will experience as a result. An individualized personal style and color DNA profile each identify the styles and true colors that best represent your core essence.

A unique set of true colors decodes your essence. As a result, clothing worn in specially chosen color combinations show others distinctive  qualities about who you are. To start, a customized palette of your true colors DNA comes from an analysis of 3,500 colors compared to the naked face. Then, your color palette and profile summary analysis identifies and explains your core strengths.

Similarly, as your True Colors Profile reveals certain aspects of your innate inner strengths, the Personal Style Profile explains others. In other words, as the color profile measures color as seen on the face, it also assess your inner energy. And by contrast, the Personal Style Profile allows you to self-assess qualities and strengths. In the end, these various compass points of your persona translate into a language of your unique style.

So, when you use your profile information to your best advantage, you will make the appropriate impression. In fact, this Money Magazine article about job interviews discusses this very subject. In the end, the key is to know how to look on point no matter who you meet or where you are. 

The Personal Color Profile Process

  • Firstly, analyze an individual’s Color DNA(TM) using a system comprised of 3500 colors.*
  • Secondly, review how color psychology helps identify, channel, and communicate core strengths.
  • Finally, receive a personalized true colors palette and color profile summary

*True colors match physical colors visible on the head and colors that express inner energy

The Personal Style Profile Process

  • Begin by self-assessing your personality traits and development goals.
  • Receive a that aligns with personality traits and development goals.
  • Then, receive and review a style summary report that lays out how your personality and goals translate into current fashion.

Reviewing Your Wardrobe

  • Further, put your current wardrobe to the ultimate test. Use your color palette and true colors and style profile summary reports to curate clothing, and accessories. In addition Avoiding Wardrobe Fatigue.



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