Your True Colors

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Style is More Than the Clothes You Wear

The Personal Color and Style Profiles reveal who you are. Together, they create richly detailed information about your personality, your style, and your essence. These profiles help develop a strategic plan to create your unique personal style. Specific information is obtained about the exact colors and clothing styles to buy and own. A blueprint is created for what to wear, what pieces to add to your wardrobe and what is the right outfit for the right moment.

These profiles will save you time and money before investing further into your wardrobe, and enhance your personal style without guess work. This two-session experience sets you up for a stylish and holistic transformation:

Personal Color Profile

  • A Review Of 3500 Colors, Your Color DNA

  • Evaluation Of 550 Curated Color Sticks Directly To Your Skin Type

  • A Personal Color Palette is supplied

  • A Full Customized Printed Color Profile Analysis Is Supplied

Personal Style Profile

  • Evaluation of Your Personality, Life-Style, Goals, Etc.

  • Clothing Choices Are Confirmed That Represent Goals and Style–The Psychology Behind Successful Dressing

  • A Full Customized Printed Personal Style Analysis Is Supplied

*Maximize the value of this Experience by adding wardrobe capsules for an additional fee.


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